Frequently asked questions​

We will aim to answer all the questions you might have. If not, please use our chat button to speak to a consultant.

General FAQ

Premiums are collected by debit order from the policyholder’s bank account.

Your policy commences on the date of the first successful debit order payment and from such date you are entitled to legal advice. 

Representation in any matter only becomes active after expiry of a 3 month-period from the policy start date and matters that arose prior to the policy start date, or within the 3 month-period, are excluded.

No, there are no excess, hidden or other costs.

Yes, you can cancel the policy at any time. Just give us a 30 day cancellation notice.

  • A South African citizen with a green bar-coded ID or in possession of a valid South African work permit.
  • Over the age of 18 years and own a business that earns less than 32 Million p/a & has less than 100 employees

  • An active bank account holder and registered company.

Claim FAQ

You need to contact us so we can assist you with your claim.

You can give us a call or fill in an online application which takes less than 30 seconds. Then we will get a lawyer to call you in less than 30 minutes.

There are no supporting documents needed when you claim. A phone call or online to start a claims process.


Any incident that occurs call 0861 335 333 for legal advice or register a claim should you need legal presentation in court.

Our Underwriter

Voted the best personal insurer 6 times over the last decade at the FIA awards.

Leading Insurer

A South Africa's leading short-term insurer with a market share of over 23%.

Claims Process

Our claims process is internationally awarded and leads the industry in South Africa.


We paid 99% of claims made in the last 12 months.

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.

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